woman giving man directions

Why Isn’t the Search Working?

Multiple databases have different ways of filing properties and searching.  And guess what, they are not all the same.  Our page updates faster because it’s a direct feed from the Multiple Listing Service or MLS for short.  The #1 search tool for realtors and the industry standard.  The MLS often bases its names on county appraisal districts and guess again, each appraisal district is different.

So Try These Tricks!

#1 Don’t type in the 2nd part of the name.

  • 2nd names are usually shortened in some way for example
  • Encino Summit becomes Encino SMT
  • Honey Hill becomes Honey HL

#2 Don’t use a Zillow number

  • Zillow has a completely different numbering system than even the MLS

#3 Try just the house number.

  • If you remember 6442 or 602 try that.  You’d be surprised how much that helps.

#4 It may already be under contract.

  • If it’s showing up on Zillow or Google but not here it may already have an active contract.
  • Our page updates faster than other search engines because it’s a direct feed.

Try those search tricks and if you have any more questions feel free to call us and we’d be happy to help.  Now back to the search page.